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For Emelia's bedroom I wanted to show the conflict between the cutesy little girl furniture and wall paper that her parents have bought for her and Emelia's attempt to "Goth up" her room with stickers, posters, and
other paraphernalia. The whole room reflects Emelia's own inner conflict that anyone who has ever been a teenager knows (Emelia is just going through this a bit early at age five).

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As with all art development, I began with research. Any time I was at a friend's who had children I took a peek in their kid's bedroom to see what was under their bed. I then went to Good Will and bought lots of throw away toys for reference. The store clerk gave me a strange look when I bought a ripped off teddy bear arm (she charged me 25 cents).

I tried to put myself in Emelia's mind and imagine the kind of things she would do to personalize her cute room. So I made a "Goth hello kitty" by dripping wax all over the poor dear and using it as a candle base a la the wax scull from "Creature Features".

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I collected children's drawings of monsters, and skater stickers. The details are important since I wanted to capture the chaos - knocked over lamps, half-eaten sandwiches, burnt matches, forgotten toys contrast with little girl furniture and bunny rabbit wall paper give the whole room a very conflicted and disturbed feel that tells a lot about who the character is in the opening scenes.

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