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Ah, the kitchen, the place where family comes together for the most important meal of the day. ...unless you are Emelia's family that is. For the kitchen I wanted to capture the sort of awful hominess that just makes you want to squirm. So I began with a lovely color scheme of mauve and mint.

Then I imagined what mom would do if she had a kitchen set in these lovely 70's colors. I figured she might try to "country it up" Martha Stewart style with fruit wall paper and rustic wooden ducks.

a shopping list
I found some truly awful kitchens out there in my research and the best thing is that the people think they are especially nice, that's what makes it so icky feeling I think, knowing that it is not tacky on purpose. So I set out to get that look, well, on purpose.

The first stop was the wallpaper. Hooboy are there some awful wallpaper designs out there! Brilliant! So based on that inspiration I came up with my own gawdawful design here on your left. Nothing to brighten up a mauve and mint kitchen like cheerful fruit and plaid wallpaper, eh?

The next step was to fill it with all sorts of homey details, shopping lists on the fridge, porcelain jars filled with dead flies and secrets, a knife rack, stuff that makes you feel cozy. Top it off with a big bright fluorescent light and you're set. Dad can read the paper, mom can polish the formica, and Emelia can eat her Count Chocula as if no one else is even there.

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