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In the course of the rather wild story, Emelia comes across quite a few things. So I thought I would share with you some of the character designs for some "extras" in the film. Mr Pig, Mr. Cow and Mr. Sheep. These guys don't have speaking roles so you don't have to pay them union wages. So don't worry, they are not her friends and I promise no one will sing any sappy songs in the film (I hate when they do that).

In fact Emelia doesn't really have much interaction with the animals at all, except for the pig here, which she hugs in the hope that he might make a squeaking sound- hence the look of terror on his face. Oh, and pigs actually do make a squeaking sound when you hug them, try it sometime.

The rest of the animals do what farm animals usually do, stand there and say "huh?" and occasionally eat some grass. The animals are there because, well lets face it, cows are funny, they just make you want to lean out the window and yell "moooo" at them. Everything is better with cows in it.


Here they are all together! For the countryside I was going for a wild and "acid trippy" look so I used all sorts of "wrong" materials - corduroy pants, wool sweaters, stuffed animal fur... I also used finger paints for the cloud and sky. I'll talk more about how I went about making the countryside with more pictures and craziness (like broccoli trees) in a future update soon!

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