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Two of Emelia's favorite companions are her pet bat "Rudolph", and her overly loved teddy bead "Pookey". Both Pookey and Rudolph live in Emelia's bedroom and don't get out much.

Pookey has been hugged so much that he is falling apart, and has inherited a button from Emelia's coat that she sewed on when Pookey's one eye got lost somewhere under her bed. When you get loved as much as Pookey, your outsides get worn down and your insides start to poke out. Some people think that is scary, but Pookey likes it. BEAR
BAT Rudolph the bat looks kind of gloomy, but actually he is just thinking hard thoughts in his head. He doesn't say much and prefers to hang around and think about stuff most of the time. He also likes to read a lot. Dostoevsky is his favorite. Rudolph's favorite food is Reese's Peices. Probably because that is all Emelia ever feeds him.

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