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Of all the characters, Emelia is the hardest to describe. Kind of in the same way that the better you know a person, the harder it is to sum them up in a few sentences. In a way she is a self-portrait.
Except that I am not a girl, am not five, and am not a Goth. When I have shown the film to others they have told me that she is all of us. Her story is our story.

I don’t really know where the idea came from initially. This five-year old Goth girl with skin made of gray felt just popped in my head. One day she was just there, and the work of the film was to dig to find out who she was and how to tell her story. It was more of a discovery than a creation.

The best I can do to describe Emelia is to use her own words from the film:

an earlier version of Emelia
"My name is Emelia,
and this is my pet bat Rudolph.
I like Count Chocula Cereal, Marilyn Manson, and Halloween - cause I can scare little kids.
So, pretty much your average kid I guess…"

model sheet for facial expressions

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