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Mom & Dad

(float mouse over images to see wireframes)

Emelia's parents are only one step less removed then Charlie Brown's in that they actually exist. But they never seem to see Emelia, possibly due to the fact that Dad has no eyes or mouth and Mom has no ears. They're not bad parents, they are just sort of caught up in their own little worlds.
They are not absent, but the are not really there either. It makes meal times a rather surreal event.

We never really see Emelia's parents actually. Like with everything else in the film, what we are seeing is Emelia's parents through her eyes. We see her emotional caricatures of them. (And no, I do not see my parents like that).

Mom's lovely surburban doo was inspired by Annette Bening in American Beauty. You can read about how I created her CG haircut using clumped interpolating guide hairs in the "tricks" section of the menu bar at the top of the page. You can see the guide hairs along with the rest of the character setup controls if you float your mouse over the image of Mom at the top of the page. Those "hula hoops" are used to move the characters during animation. Then they are digitally removed from the film footage with a process called "wire removal" (just kidding).

Ms. Bening and her lovely coiffure.

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